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About Us

John Metz

Investment Funds Advisor

John has a financial background that spans more than 35 years.

He has extensive experience in investments, insurance, accounting, tax, and real estate, as well as more than 22 years serving clients in the financial services industry.

His practice revolves around building long term client relationships and establishing what a clients most important financial goals and objectives are, then providing the strategies or road map of how to get there.

Financial success is not a right or entitlement, so if you are seeking a secure future, it is up to you to take action. I welcome the opportunity to explain how I help people build road maps to financial success.

Tammy Finnerty

Investment & Insurance Advisor

Tammy Finnerty has 15 years of accounting and banking experience, with the past 10 years specializing in investment and insurance advising.

Being the mother of three young children she understands the struggles of saving for today as well as tomorrow and for the future.

She believes that a person needs to understand that when it comes to investing, it all starts with education on how money works. Using her many years of investment fund experience, Tammy is able to provide a broad array of financial products and investment vehicles to help suit any person or family at any particular level of investing. Whether you are at the accumulation phase or the distribution phase of your financial process, she will no doubt be able to provide you the assistance you need and deserve.

Tammy provides an extra level of service that is comforting and most importantly at no extra cost to her clients. "A lot of people work hard for their money, so we need to get their money working hard for them. With proper implementation of concepts and strategies, we have the potential of taking investing to the next level. That's what we need to do to get ahead".

"My success is your success"